03.08.2023, Vladimír Klaus, navštíveno 641x


Po necelém roce přišel nový Total Commander 11 s cca 500 vylepšenými nebo přidanými funkcemi. Za mě nejúžasnější změnou je nový systém historie navštívených složek, včetně odděleného seznamu těch nejnavštěvovanějších. 👍

Total Commander 11.0


  • Show searchable list of all open tabs with Ctrl+Shift+A (as in the Chrome browser) or right clicking on the rightmost edge of the tab headers
  • Ignore list now supports entries for file system plugins and FTP servers (separate syntax)
  • Search with "Everything": Support search in indexed subfolders
  • Show full path with all parents in nested virtual folders, e.g. when accessing a phone
  • Show free and total space of Android devices in the base folder
  • Follow link files (*.lnk) pointing to directories relative to the current location, e.g. %WinDir%\explorer.exe ..\..\content
  • Inform other Total Commander instances on the same PC when the user changes the "Start" menu or button bars
  • In place rename, command line: Stop on Ctrl+Left/Right at extra non-alphanumeric characters
  • Standalone Lister, search, compare and synchronize dirs can be started maximized and minimized
  • New pseudo environment variable %$DATE% inserts current date and time in 24 hour format, supports template like %$DATE:YMD%
  • Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [I] or [I1] to ignore dots in folder names: Entire name in [N], [E] is empty.

File operations:

  • High speed packing and unpacking of ZIP and GZ files with modified libdeflate library
  • Change compression rate for ZIP, GZ and TGZ directly in the pack dialog
  • F5 copy: New overwrite mode "Rename older target files, skip newer"
  • F5 copy, ftp/plugin transfers: Show transfer speed of the entire copy operation in the second progress bar when available
  • File system plugins and FTP: Show new option "Finish copying the current file" when aborting copying
  • Unpack ZIP files with ZSTD (by Facebook) compression
  • Unpack .zst (ZSTD) and .br (BROTLI) files
  • 7z.exe or 7zg.exe can now also be used as an external zip packer

Directory history:

  • New style directory history list which is no longer based on a Windows menu
  • Quick search and quick filter support
  • Quick search in whole path by starting search strings with an asterisk
  • Right click context menu support with many options like opening the directory in the other panel or a new tab
  • Context menu, option to copy path to clipboard
  • Context menu, option to remove entries from history
  • Context menu, option to show all items when history thinning is enabled
  • Keep track of most frequently used directories and show them in the directory history in addition to the history entries
  • Keep list of frequently used directories synchronized between multiple Total Commander instances on the same PC
  • New page "History" in the main settings dialog


  • Hex mode: highlighting in both text and hex representation of file content
  • Copy the selection to the clipboard as hexadecimal characters, with Ctrl+Shift+C or via the right-click menu

Internal commands:

  • cm_Copy, cm_RenMov, cm_CreateShortcut, cm_PackFiles, cm_UnpackFiles and cm_Edit support parameters to set dialog box options
  • New tab commands: cm_RenameTab, cm_SetTabOption*, cm_SetAllTabsOption*, cm_OpenNewTabOther, cm_OpenNewTabBgOther
  • New quick search commands: cm_QuickSearch, cm_QuickFilter, cm_QuickFilter 1 (restore last quick filter)
  • New drive commands: cm_DriveContextMenu, cm_OpenDriveByIndex
  • New command line commands: cm_ShowCmdLineHistory, cm_AddFileNameToCmdline, cm_AddPathAndFileNameToCmdline
  • New internal command OPENBARMENU opens the passed .bar file as a dropdown menu
  • Hotkeys defined via Configuration - Options - Misc now support commands with parameters
  • Use internal commands in internal associations, .e.g. ***CM_LIST %1

Command line parameters in button bar/start menu:

  • New parameter %y (lowercase) keeps other parameters and skips only list file parameters if the list is empty
  • New parameter %a (lowercase) includes all selected files from both panels in list parameters like %L
  • New parameter %|envvar| inserts environment variable envvar, e.g. %|windir| or %|$DESKTOP|

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